And this is why we love what we do.
From Kayley & Tyler
Our experience hiring Maria to plan our wedding was one of the best decisions we made! I didn’t know what to expect, for us everything wedding planning related was new and we felt so uncertain what to expect or how to tell if something was fairly priced. When we first got engaged the top two things I knew we needed to get done where finding a venue (and securing it) and finding an officiant. Both of those things were stressful enough and by the time we knocked those two things off of our 1,000 item list, I was already ready to pull out my hair. I had a full blown bridal melt down a year before the wedding date. After speaking with my the fiancé we had decided that our best option/choice to minimize the wedding planning stress and to take away forced obligations on our friends and families was to hire someone that had  the talent and visionary skills. We met with multiple wedding planners and companies. Nothing felt as right as when we met Maria. As soon as our initial meeting was over and we were en’route home, I looked at Tyler and he was beaming, we both decided right away that not only did it feel right but that we immediately felt that a huge weight was lifted from our shoulders. Maria included me in everything that I wanted to be a part of, and left me out of all the back and forth details of things that take up so much of your time. She literally took on and did everything as per my request to her. She had more options and connections with people and companies that in turn saved us money without having to sacrifice on style, looks or overall vision. When a vendor fell through within a month of the wedding date, Maria immediately got a replacement that was excellent. When a small detail of flower crowns wasn’t what I had envisioned, Maria got us replacement flower crowns within 48 hours and the replacements were stunning. Anything that might crop up or go wrong, anything that might otherwise fall on close family and friends is not a concern with Maria because she has it all handled. Maria worked so hard on the wedding day I barely saw her, but she was very present and Tyler, our families and I did not need to worry or do a thing. It was truly the best day of our lives, there’s not one thing that went wrong or that we felt we would change. Having Maria made this whole process feel so wonderful that Tyler and I would actually love to live out our wedding day time and time again. We can not thank you enough Maria for everything you’ve done for us, you truly went above and beyond our expectations and we are so blessed to have had you plan the most perfect day of our lives so far.
From Breanne & Max
​Ribbons helped with the planning process from beginning to end. Maria was super personable and very fun and easy to work with. She helped calm my nerves on the day of the wedding ensuring everything was in it’s place. She has great attention to detail and helped bring our vision to life.
From Ashley & Tyler
Maria and the Ribbons team are outstanding! The company gives the feel of working with a best friend and the dependability of a business that has been around for ages. I've never seen such cute and personalized gifts before. I definitly recommend this buisness. Outstanding service and commitment to delivering that you want. I've been to a few weddings with this service and I've seen nothing but professionalism and perfectly run events.
From Rachel D.
​I have gifted many Ribbons custom gift baskets for numerous occassions (Christmas, Birthdays etc.) and have never been dissapointed. The designers really listesn to what her clients require and ensures the basket included all of the recipient's favorite items! I love giving a Ribbons custom basket as a gift because it is personalized and tailored to each individual. Maria is amazing!!
From Niki T.
​​​Thank-you Ribbons for the wonderful MC baskets you put together for my wedding! The baskets were customized to each MCs personality. Thank-you for working within our budget to give our MCs such a unique gift!  ​​